Friday, April 23, 2010

Venezuelan Residency: Núcleos and Módulos visited

Here's a bulleted list of the núcleos and módulos I visited during our Abreu Fellows program residency in Venezuela.   I was going to name this post "Programs visited", but it wouldn't be accurate, since there are different programs within each núcleo.  Some include special needs programs, some include folk music programs, for instance.  Other programs, like the Teresa Carreño Youth Orchestra, or the National Children's Orchestra are not part of a specific núcleo, but I'll post about them as well.

I'll blog about each of them in the coming postings.  Please stay tuned.


Miranda State
  • Núcleo Guatire-Guarenas
Guárico State
  • Núcleo Calabozo/Antonio Estévez
    • (Módulo in formation)
  • Núcleo Calabozo/Raimundo Pereira
    • Módulo Escuela Estados Unidos de América
  • Núcleo Camaguán
  • Núcleo Valle de la Pascua
    • Módulo Arturo Álvarez Alayón
    • Módulo Los Caobos
    • Módulo Los Cerritos II
  • Conservatorio de Calabozo
Anzóategui State
  • Núcleo Puerto de la Cruz
  • Núcleo Aragua de Barcelona
  • Núcleo Santa Ana
  • Núcleo Lechería
  • Núcleo El Tigre
  • Núcleo Cantaura
  • Núcleo Anaco
Lara State
  • Núcleo Barquisimeto
Falcón State
  • Núcleo Conservatorio Santa Ana de Coro
    • Módulo Los Panelos

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Ms. Cynthia, Suzuki Specialist said...

Is there really a nucleo called Santa Ana? Where is it? What was it like? Did they have strings?